Practice Areas        Kenneth D. Teal         Attorney At Law

Auto, Truck & Motor Vehicle Accidents
No one wants to be involved in an auto accident. They usually happen so fast,
you're not sure what to do next. Always consult your attorney if you are involved in
an auto accident.  We're here to help.

Criminal Defense
If you or your loved ones are arrested and need a Trial Attorney or a Bond,  we
are experienced, discrete, and effective.  We try serious felonies ranging from
Murder, Drug Trafficing, etc
.  and also handle misdemeanors.

Personal Injury
Typical personal injury claims include bodily injury or death as a result of
automobile accidents, an error by a medical professional that may result in
entitlement to monetary compensation. Our job and goal is to remove the
unnecessary burdens.

Wrongful Death
The loss of a family member is devastating, particularly when it is a sudden loss.
In addition to dealing with the emotional loss of a spouse, a father or mother, or a
child, our clients often find themselves dealing with a loss of income and a loss of
spousal, parental or familial support.

Medical Malpractice
When you or a loved one are injured or die as the result of the negligence of a
health care provider such as a doctor or hospital, it may be the result of medical

Workers' Compensation
If you've been injured on the job, don't get hurt twice.  Ask for help and get your
benefits started before you miss a deadline.  We're here to help.,, etc.